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Digital Marketing Services

Whether you have business goals to develop your digital brand, to redefine your social media approach, or to turn your website into an interactive marketing hub, Digital Advisors is your key link to the new landscape of online marketing, no matter the size of your business. We can show you exactly how to create, implement, and monitor your digital marketing and SEO campaigns, and we can set you up with the perfect agency to do all the work for you!

We offer a range of online marketing services for your business, including individualised consultations and client-agency matching, extensive SEO workshops and training, and website auditing. We also work in partnership with other marketing agencies, helping their clients develop realistic and effective SEO strategies, and maximizing their online marketing outcomes.

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SEO Consulting

Whether you are just starting out, or well in tune with online marketing, a consultation package is a comprehensive starting point for boosting your online marketing outcomes. Receive a well-rounded package of basic training, website auditing, and agency matching!

During your consultation, we place a large focus on listening to your needs and desires, and understanding the foundations of your business. After gaining insight, we present to you a clear analysis of your current online marketing performance as we identify your areas for improvement; we also equip you with further understanding of SEO and marketing strategies that will benefit your business. We then utilize our extensive network of industry contacts to match you with the most suitable agencies that meet your requirements and budget. Each consultation is one-on-one, and follow-up consultations are available for those who wish to gain or divulge more information.

Consulting with Digital Advisors protects you from black-hat marketing practices. Not only can we establish a valuable bond between your company and a suitable agency, we create a long-lasting relationship that meets your business needs, optimises your online presence, creates an online sales system that sells on your behalf 24/7, and empowers your company for years to come. Our experienced consultants are very selective with the agencies we work with, as each agency must have evident years of experience and a ‘white-hat’ reputation. The agencies range from small companies with highly specialised services to larger companies with awe-inspiring portfolios. They are assured to provide clear and measurable outcomes of digital marketing success for your business.

Our process is completely transparent, allowing you to interact and consult with us each step of the way. We understand that every client is unique, so we provide service that is personalised, ensuring maximum satisfaction with matched agencies. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the pairing we have made for you, we can propose a range of other agencies that can help you gain the most for your marketing dollar. While some companies charge exorbitant fees, our consultation services are cost-effective and offered at a great one-off price. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0413 166 065, or send us an email at


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SEO Training

Some people love the hands-on approach and prefer to do things themselves. If this is you, then SEO training is the perfect way to go! Our highly qualified and experienced consultants provide intensive and easy to follow SEO training sessions that will allow you to wrap your mind around the world of digital, social, and search marketing.

With the rapid rise of technology and constant advancements in Google’s algorithms, creating a website with a once-off SEO touch is not enough. Your website needs to be constantly monitored to allow for improvements and fixing for sections that are not being indexed by Google and other search engines. Creating the perfect site with the best products is all well and good, but if no one can find you, then no one will be able to purchase what you are selling, no matter how great it is.

Our SEO training sessions will equip you with the skills to optimise your own website, therefore building brand awareness; increasing its traffic rates, social presence, and searchability; and allowing you to gain the important conversions that you have been aiming for.

Training and workshops are perfect for:

  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Small, medium, and large sized business owners
  • New employees who require SEO training
  • Web designers and copywriters
  • Marketing directors and managers
  • Anyone working in the field of online and digital marketing

By utilising our services, you are ensured to connect with a great agency that works hard to improve your web traffic and presence, and increase your ROI. With strategic plans and measurable outcomes, you will be well informed each step of the way. Having had SEO training, you will also be able to make valuable contributions to the campaign, and manage your own SEO long after the campaign is finished.

Combining the services of consulting, training, and workshops is the perfect way to master SEO and take advantage of your digital channels like never before. To get started, give Digital Advisors a call today on 0413 166 065 , or send us an email at


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Website Audit

With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, the keywords and SEO strategies you apply today may not be as effective a few months down the track, and your website traffic and search engine rankings may weaken. For this reason, it is important to keep tabs on your website’s performance in order to build upon your marketing strategy. Whether your problems stem from technical issues, copywriting issues, usability concerns, keyword research afflictions, or some other reasons, a website audit by Digital Advisors will help you determine the issues, and provide a comprehensive analysis of site architecture, performance, content, and rankings.

The analysis itself is presented in five different sections:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Index-ability
  3. On-page ranking factors
  4. Off-page ranking factors
  5. Competitive analysis

An SEO audit is crucial. It allows you to gain a thorough understanding of your website. You need to know your strengths and weakness in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

If you are currently working with an SEO agency, conducting an audit on website is still important and necessary to ensure no black-hat techniques/practices are used, and that your online marketing campaign is effective.

Based on your audit, Digital Advisors will provide you with the expert SEO advice you need to move forward with your business, reach your digital marketing goals, and substantially increase your ROI. By utilizing our recommendations, you can streamline your website ahead of your competition with a stronger digital brand and higher search engine rankings. To get your website back on track, give Digital Advisors a call today on 0413 166 065 , or send us an email at


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Agency Partnership

We work with traditional and digital marketing agencies by providing cost effective services to their clients. We can help your agency implement proven SEO programs or conduct audits and training that provide a hands off highly customised solutions.