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Agency Partner Program

We are professional digital marketing advisors, with over 10 years of SEO consulting experience, we offer our talent and expertise to traditional and online marketing agencies. Our online marketing services can be white labelled to compliment or add to your existing services for your clients, and maximise your productivity and profit. We offer our full range of integrated solutions that can be arranged as one-on-one or group consultations for your clients, with programs that are purposely designed to meet your clients’ business goals. Services we offer for your agency and your clients include strategy recommendations, outreach and guest posting, training courses, and website auditing.


Outreach and guest posting

Guest posting involves reaching out to get your content published on relevant websites and blogs within your target industry. This is an effective marketing strategy to raise awareness about a company, drive relevant referral traffic to a company’s website, expand social media networks, build more links on the web, and brand a company as industry leaders.

Securing guest post opportunities involves three primary stages:

  1. Sourcing relevant websites: Researching for good websites within the target industry that could potentially publish your content.
  2. Engaging with website owners: It is important to build relationships with bloggers and website owners. This typically involves the exchange of emails and engaging social media profiles. Without established relationships, target websites will never publish your content.
  3. Produce compelling content :Once a relationship with a blogger has been established, the content produce must be compelling for the website owner to publish. Compelling content must also appeal to the blog’s visitors whilst attributing to your company – this may be a text link that leads back to your company website.

Digital Advisors can save you time and effort by managing all three stages of the guest posting process for your clients. We create guest posting plans to build improve the branding and awareness of your clients’ companies, drive more traffic to their websites, and raise the rankings of your clients’ websites on search engine results.


Strategy recommendation

We review your clients’ SEO marketing strategy based on their completed website audit, and we provide an individualised strategic plan to help them maximise their search performance and online marketing outcomes.

Feel free to speak to a Digital Advisors marketing consultant today to discuss your needs, and learn more about how we can help your agency deliver the best services for your clients.

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